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Choosing the best Hotel Management School: 8 Rules to know:

Campoconsult is one of the world's largest independent full-service provider for private higher education institutions in the field of hospitality, tourism and events. Our offices take care of your university and make sure that you get the students you deserve

1. Does the school offer the programs, which fit my career goals?
In some hotel schools you will be doing a considerable amount of practical work, because especially Swiss Hotel Management Schools believe in craft-based learning. This is why it is important to have a look at your career focus. Are you going into restaurant or into hotel management, event or tourism business? 

2. Do I have transfer options?
We believe that successful General Managers should have an international focus from the beginning. A cutting edge advantage will be to study in multi-national environments. Some schools offer international campuses with a variety of transfer options. This will allow you not only to visit several countries, but also learn new languages, a valuable asset in any industry professional's career.

3. Is there international study body/diversity?
You will need to determine, how important it is to have an international student body. Don't believe all the numbers you see. Some Ivy league schools in the United States claim to have 60 nationalities, but compared to the entire student body, they still represent the minority. Other schools like the Ecole Hotelière de Lausanne have a 50% Swiss quota. You may also want to make sure, that the school of your choice does not have too many students coming from one region or even from a country. There are hotel schools, that have 70% of their student body coming from Asia.

4. Accreditation vs. Recognition
This is probably the point, which often raises the biggest discussions. Many students put strong emphasis on government accredited programs or American accreditation institutions, such as the NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges). Mostly however this is because 50% of the hospitality graduates leave the industry within 2 years and seek other options to further their studies. In this case and only in this case it is valuable to have government recognized programs.

What many students often forget, is that the industry recognition is just as if not even more important than academic accreditation. Many of the Swiss hotel schools are not government accredited, because of the simple fact, that they do not teach in one of the national Swiss languages. But still many of the Swiss hotel schools have excellent reputation within the industry.

5. Staff/Faculty/Educator Strength and Competency
Campostudy puts a lot of emphasis on universities, which have experienced hospitality educator on board. Not only should they have extensive industry experience, but also be well trained certified hospitality educators. 

Many of the Ivy league universities and universities of applied sciences have a research quota. This makes it very difficult for them to engage industry professionals, as they mostly have academic background.

6. Physical Services & Facilities
Many of the brick and mortar school involve staying on campus, so it does pay off to check beforehand, what type of facilities and services the school offers. Students traveling abroad with limited budgets may also want to make sure, that the most important services are included, such as accommodation, meals, internet and transportation.

7. Location and Secondary Costs
Secondary costs can easily add up to a large sum, so students better make sure, that you have an idea, what might come towards you. Medical insurance, weekend excursion etc... 

It is also important, that you are well of the location you are going to. Living in a remote place, with scenic mountains surrounding you might be picturesque in the beginning, however might be difficult for students to get part-time jobs or do shopping on the weekends etc.

8. Practical Training and Industry Placement
Unless you already have some previous working experience, you will have to go for several internships in order to complete your program. It is important that the institution you decide to study with has excellent industry connections and can place you in the best places around the globe.

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